What happens when (just two months after meeting) a Baptist preacher's son and small-town pastor's daughter surprisingly discover they've committed the ultimate faux pas? Now it's a journey of finding out what it is to love a little baby surprise and what to do about this new husband.

Friday, May 7, 2010

16 Weeks

This is me at 4 months in!! To the right is that wonderful son of a preacher man just grinning away at his own personal science project.  Althought sometimes I FREAK OUT!!! about the belly/bloating I'm getting, I'm learning to be very proud of it.  I also just bought a wonderful vintage looking bikini which will be so great for baring my big fat round pea.  

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  1. That is one sexy prego!!! Think I'm gonna get an A+++ with a smiley sticker on this science project:) Gonna slap Jr on the fridge:P