What happens when (just two months after meeting) a Baptist preacher's son and small-town pastor's daughter surprisingly discover they've committed the ultimate faux pas? Now it's a journey of finding out what it is to love a little baby surprise and what to do about this new husband.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wyatt's First Birthday

Wyatt's first birthday was just recenly.  N it was amazing.  He has turned into such a little person!  It's great.  Did I meantion he weighs almost 26 lbs.  N while my back is killing me I'm just so proud of how healthy and wonderful and big he is.  :)  I just realized that the picture of him above shows him looking pretty serious....I assure you he was smiling and laughing the at his party.  hehe....I'm such a spaz.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Since you probably don't know what it means, 'hominy' in Korean for grandma.  Please note that I more than likely spelled it wrong.  When I first began dating my now hubby, I told him I was scared to meet his mum, now Jr.'s hominy.

I think that any sane gal would agree that often the mother-in-law is a fearful and horrible beastly thing.  Well, I was wrong.  Not mine.  My mother in law treats me just like her daughter.  She is kind and thoughtful and helpful and had a lovely heart.  She always speaks kindly and affectionately of her children, me included. 

She is very sick.  So if you are reading please pray for her.  We love her dearly.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cookin Up A Storm

So before I was married and was living the single ready to mingle lifestyle food was not really something I thought about.  On more than one occasion I would eat whatever random item was in my fridge or cabinet... a piece of pita, a spoonful of peanut butter, some random frozen veggies, a box of mac and cheese etc...  Back then it was no big deal and meals were probably the least important aspect of my life.  Thank goodness for the occasional date to give me a well rounded and balanced meal on occasion (with a glass of wine of course).  

Now, however, meals are the one most important aspect of the day and I've found that my life now pretty much revolves around food.  Breastfeeding obviously, but also all the other foods.  All of the sudden, when I got married and had a kid it's like "oh my God, I've got to feed my family well balanced and gourmet meals".  OK, I don't always get it right but we are trying.  For example, the other day I cooked up a delicious Korean dish but added too much pepper.   Boooo!  I hate it when I go through all that trouble and it doesn't turn out as planned.  But alas, I've got about a billion more meals left to cook and so there is definitely time to improve.   Somethings turn out right though...

Berry crisp with blueberries, raspberries and a delicious crunchy buttery topping.  Yum Yum Yum.  I served it with Haagen Dazs creamy velvety vanilla ice cream.  Do I need to say Yum Yum Yum again?  BTW, this only takes 5 mins of prep work and about 40 mins to cook up.  OMG, we have a winner.

I live in the south, so you'd think I had a background in some southern cooking.  Not so.  My mum is from the north, so her version of veggies never included ham hocks or bacon. But I'm southern and proud of it, damn it.  So for the first time ever!  I cooked up some collards.  Did um right with some bacon, but I did drain out the fat in an attempt to be slightly :)  healthy.  They turned out ridiculous.  Good, I mean.  Bacon and butter make everything like 1000 times better.  Right?

P.S.  Sorry for the crappy pic quality.  We actually do have a good camera, but I'm just too spaztic to find it when I'm in the middle of daily life.  Will this get better?  I hope.

Love, Edamummy

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Had To

If you are an alcoholic, you try and stay away from bars.  And if you are a shop-o-holic you should stay away from stores.  Well, I didn't.  I had to get these.  At least they were at a second hand shop, so they were probably half what I'd pay for them new.  Just doing my part to save the planet---shopping green baby.

P.S.  The Vera Bradley diaper bag in the corner---also a green shopper find!  The best!

Where's Waldo...I Mean Jr.

Jr. has gotten so big.  He's now got three teeth and is eating everything in sight.  He loves yogurt and Korean food...go figure.  And give that boy some rice and he just starts grinning really big and waving both his hands around all excited and crazy.  The first time we gave him hummus at a local Greek restaurant we love was hilarious. Each time he got a bite of it he tilted his head back, closed his eyes and said hmmmm while he pushed it around in his mouth.  I think he liked the texture as well as the flavor.   I think we may have a foodie on our hands.  

Jr. is also crawling everywhere and can pull himself into standing position.  He's discovered how to open drawers and he prefers any gadget over "kids" toys any day.  He will surely be walking soon.  Thanks goodness he still naps extremely well during the day cause when he's awake there is no more relaxing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pimpin The Passy

Like the rest of the members of our family Jr. likes to do things backwards too.

Why Don't You Blog??

Ok, I know.   I've not been on here in FOREVER.  No real reason why, but when I set up this blog I decided I was doing it because I could say/post whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  And the past couple months I haven't wanted--obviously, from the lack of posts.  No reason-no crisis in the fam, no problems with the baby, no bad intraweb connection.  It's so easy to get caught up and feel the need to blog or maybe the urge to get more followers, because hey, it is cool when people find your normal life interesting isn't it?  But, unlike many in the blogger world, I assume, I've no real ambition to have people/companies send me cool stuff so I can pimp them out and I've no real ambitions to become a celebrity, and I've no real ambitions to try and get intraweb friends nor any desire to blog as a job.  I won't lie however, I do love it when nice people read my boring banter.  So yeah, for a while I just didn't feel like blogging, just felt like living.  And for some reason today I decided to blog.  Hello to anyone out there hope you're enjoying your living too!

Love Edamummy

P.S.  Intraweb is a real word isn't it?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swing Me!

Jr's daddy is so handy.  The other day he built Jr. a swing in our nook so we can all have fun spending time in the outdoors.  Jr. loves it, and I do too!

First Boating

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Few Thoughts

If I wasn't before already, I've been made obviously bi-polar through motherhood.  One second I'm on cloud nine in awe of how wonderful and beautiful life is to have given me such a beautiful creation and the next I'm in the kitchen hyperventalating while trying to open a beer thinking to myself, "I can't do this, I can't take it, I can't handle it!"  And this is not a one time occurence, it has happened more than a couple times.  So if sometimes I may seem normal, be warned--I'm not I'm frantically bi-polar and possibly on the verge of an instant switch over to 'crazy'!

I hate it when people say stuff to piss me off and I don't think of a good come back till like two!! seconds after I walk away.  Ugh, so unsatisfying.

I just showered for the first time in 4 (maybe more cause my memory is shot) days.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Stages

I've not had time to post it, but I'm loving the new stage that Jr. is in right now.  He is so cute these days and I'm actually feeling well enough to enjoy how cuddly and adorable he is.  He's eaten his first bits of food, which was so fun and he loved every minute of it.  I can't wait to let him try new foods soon, and I plan on making his baby food here at home.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Jr is more and more of a unique person each day.  He coos and coddles and sings.  It really is the best.  He is enthralled with his big brother Bud and is always checking him out.  They lay on the floor a lot together and Bud will just lie there while Jr. pokes his eyes and ears while trying to grab his fur.  Today Jr. fell asleep while nursing.  I consequently was caught up reading blogs from my iPhone so didn't move him to the crib.  He was so sweet lying there in our big bed on my belly.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Make Your Poopy Face

Sometimes life if poopy, but don't make your poopy face, cause then everyone will know.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fly Fishing

I'm sure I've mentioned it before on the blog, my hubby is an avid angler.  Specifically, he loves fly fishing.  When he first told me he fly fished I had no clue what he was talking about.  And the first time I saw him do it it seemed quite difficult and complicated.  It requires a certain amount of finesse and talent.  It is an art.  When asked to explain what fly fishing is, it is not easy to put it into words.  You can easily find a video on youtube.com or if you've ever seen the movie "A River Runs Through It" with Brad Pitt you'll know what I'm talking about.  

Since we became an item, I've been trying my hand at some fishing here and there and I quite enjoy it.  It is peaceful and simplistic in it's nature.  I had still never done fly fishing.  But last weekend my baby got me to take a lesson, and this weekend while we took a trip up to the mountains I tried my hand at it in a beautiful stream.  It was chilly in the cold mountain trout waters, so we wore waders and wading boots.  We stepped in to the stream waters and passed through tiny rapids.  And in the peaceful quietness on the while the waters rippled in the wind I caught my first Rainbow Trout, with my hubby guiding me and assisting me the whole way of course. 

Needless to say, I can't wait to do it again.

First Foods

Jr. is getting so big!  We recently started him on some rice cereal, organic brown rice cereal of course!  We thought he'd have to go round a few times before he actually ate it correctly, but Jr. loved it the very first time.  He ate it all and wanted more.  Soon we'll have to give him veggies.  

We also finally put together the high chair.  I say we, but actually the hubbs did it while I pretended to be helping.  It looks so good, and I love that it can recline since Jr. can't quite sit up on his own yet.  It also is probably more comfortable for him right now since he generally is reclined when nursing too.  Smooth transitions--that's how we like it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walk A Mile

I was itching to get out and do a bit of exercise recently.  I thought, "oh I'm breastfeeding, so this baby weight is going to fall right off."  Well, it's not quite exactly like that.  I have lost a lot of the weight and really don't look bad.  But, I'm still about 10 to 15 lbs more than my prebaby self.  I'm sorry, but I just can't live with that.  Call it obsessive.  Call it vain.  Call it whatever.  I want my old body and booty back.  It's like this little sag of a belly just doesn't want to break up with me.  I fear that bikini season is oh too near and my time is a wastin.  So out I drug my hubby, baby, and baby's older brother, Bud for some overdue walking at a nearby park that boasts some mean hills.  We started walking and it was nice.  We pushed through the first mile of hills.  I thought that even though I was feeling a tingle in my legs we were doing good, so we should just keep going.  Well, turns out we should've turned around there.  Since the walk is around a lake, it's not like you can just stop and cut back at any time.  And since we got to half, it just didn't make sense to turn around there.  The sun was going down, we'd pushed too far.  But couldn't stop so we just kept going.  By the end of it I felt like we'd done a marathon and it took me about 3 days to fully recover.  If only I could do a walk like that everyday--I'd have my pre-baby bod back in no time!  But who are we kidding, I'm lucky if I walk to the mailbox to pick up our daily mail.  I took the picture below on the walk just before it got really dark.  So I'd say about mile marker 2.

Monday, March 7, 2011

What? Why Blog?

I don't know, if you're like me you've gotten caught up in reading about someone on their blog and have found it quite enjoyable.  I know I have.  I love looking at pictures and reading a little bit into someones mind.  Soooo, why do I blog?  It's a creative outlet for me.  If I really wasn't so ADD I'd write a book; that has always been my aspiration (not sure if I'm any good at it and not sure if anyone would read it) and I've started a book here and there a time or two.  But my mind is just too jumpy and I'm just too unorganized and unfocused to make any real progress.  Blogging really is optimal.  And I love getting to go off on tangents here and there and just writing about whatever comes to mind.  It doesn't have to have a beginning or an end.  It doesn't have to make sense with whatever else I write.  It just IS for a couple of seconds.  Anyway, just thought I'd answer this question for those of you who might be like 'why the hell is this girl blogging and why am I reading it'.  Well, if you are reading I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.  And if you are wondering 'why has this biatch not responded to my comment on her post?'  Well, it's not cause I didn't read it--I just can't figure out how to respond to you...dummy, I know.  So luv to my readers and extra luv to my family cause without them I'd have not much to write about.

Love, Edamummy

Baby Photo Shoot - Bumbo Style

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make Your Bling Bling*

I don't know about you, but I've never been one to wear much jewelry.  It's not that I don't like it, but I guess I'm just a bit of a plain jane.  Actually I'd love to be a bit more fru fru and such.  One piece of jewelry that I do always wear is my wedding ring.  I lub lub lub my ring.  I never remove it--not to shower, not to do dishes, not to change Jr.'s poopy diaper, not at the beach. 

The one exception when I do take it off is when I'm putting on lotion.  I hate getting that nasty gunk in my ring and ruining it's pretty little luster.  When I first got it it was so super duper shinny, and wherever I went it would reflect little beams of light.  Agggghhhhhhh.  Gag.  Anywho.  If you're like me I'm sure you love your rings too (assuming you have one).  And if you don't have one hopefully you'll have some sort of jewelry you love at some point.  

I wish my ring would stay as beautiful as it was when I first bought it, but you know how it is.  Who has money to take their ring to the jewelers when you've got to buy diapers and coffee and cheddar cheese and make sure your Direct TV gets paid.  I don't!!!   If you are anything like me you also need an easy solution that won't cost an arm and leg to get your precious baubles gleaming again.  The answer????

Polident Denture Cleaner.
Yes, I'm not kidding.  It's actually been recommended by professionals.  Click here to see where I found out about it.  I've yet to try it, but I will be doing so soon.  I want my bling blinging again!

Friday, March 4, 2011

All Business Up Front

My baby was born with a sweet little head of hair.  It wasn't the afro I was hoping for, but it was pretty good for a babe.  As Jr. started to grow I think the hair he had spread out over his big fat head, and so eventually it looked like he was almost bald.  Actually lately, he's been fronting a bit of 'all business up front and party in the rear'.  His little mullet was kind of cute, even though I never thought I'd ever consider any mullet as cute.  But!  Today I noticed that he's got some new hair coming in.  I'm pretty excited bout this I have to say.  Although I'm super happy for him to grow a little baby afro, I am a little sad to see his cute baby mullet go.  It's about to be party in the front and back.   

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Boo

Just a few short clips from life these days. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have always loved Valentines--not because I always had a hot date to go on.  Actually, I rarely had a date on Valentines day.  But Valentines was never about boys and boyfriends and dates to me.  I guess it is just been a special day to remember those I love and who love me.  In all actuality I think I've only had a date on V day about 3 times in my life.  But that never made the day less special.  Every V day my parents would buy me something little and send me a cheesy card to tell me how much they love me.  More often than not my dad would send me flowers and I think that made me feel special.  It's not the kind of special that comes from some slight to stay boyfriend or lover, but the kind of special from someone who always loved me and loved me from the beginning.  No matter if my hair is greesy or I don't have on makeup, or I'm not that funny or charming, no matter if I mess up or do right.  Valentines always was a reminder that I've got ones I love and ones who love me.  

But.....this year, me and the Mr. have a hottt date planned for Valentines day.  Surprise Surprise we have one of the top ranked  restaurants in the USA not too far from us.  It's called The Fearrington House.  You can check out more info here.  I'm pretty excited because I have a beautiful new floor length dress to wear.  We picked up the last slot available for Valentines Day, so we were pretty lucky.  Babysitter is set, legs will be shaved :), I'll put on makeup and perfume and spend some time with the man I love.

For those I love,


Friday, January 28, 2011

My Baby Is A Porker

Jr. is in the 92 percentile for weight, meaning he's bigger than 92% of babies out there.  He's also sleeping about 12-13 hours a night.  We are lucky.

Gettin It Done

My little Jr and I actually got out and about this morning before 10am.  We did a fun trip with a new moms group.  I got to meet some really nice other moms, explore some art and take a brisk stroll outdoors.  The moms group is nice and I'm hoping to meet someone there that I can become 'real' friends with.  I kind of hit it off with one mummy, but we'll see.  I feel like I'm back in school trying to make friends again.  At least this time if I don't make any friends I've still got Jr.- and he ain't going nowhere.  I snapped this photo of the porker while on our walk.  It looks like he's waving!  What a sweet little poopy head.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Post Partum Mini Depression

Recently I've been struggling with some serious blues.  I of course had the baby blues after delivering Jr. but this was something different.  I didn't want to leave the house and just wanted to stay in bed all day, not even wanting to be bothered with Jr.  I didn't want to get up and feed him, didn't want to change him and certainly didn't have the energy to play with him.  I would randomly cry sometimes.  It was horrible and I felt guilty at times.  

Being a mom is a big adjustment and clearly I wasn't ready.  I started feeling bad mentally, but it came on in a way that I didn't even notice it happening.  I stopped enjoying things, and didn't want to do any of the things I used to love.  I found myself resenting other moms who seemed, in my eyes, to be better at it.  I would read about other moms who seemed to be diving right into baby products, baby clothes, baby everything and loving it.  I hated them, and I was jealous.  I saw moms out shopping and all dressed up and cute and seemingly did it so effortlessly.  Why were they able to do it and I couldn't?  The house was going to shit and the thought of absolutely anything was overwhelming.  Thinking about brushing my teeth was a monumental task.  I felt isolated because I don't have any other mom friends to spend time with and vent with.  I felt alone, but didn't want to talk to anyone, even my friends.  And even when I did talk to people I didn't feel like they really understood.

I think the biggest problem was that I didn't want to even see my baby.  He irritated me.

I don't think I'm the only one who has felt like this.  At least I hope not, cause that would be weird!  I thought about taking anti-depressants, but that's not what I truly needed.  What I needed was to kick myself in the pants and figure out how to live life with a baby.  He's not going anywhere, so I needed to change my attitude and my life.  I honestly feel for any other mom who has felt like this because it is so so hard.  I've not ruled out the option of taking a drug if I find that I can't do this on my own, but for now....

1) I'm trying to get out of the house with the baby ON MY OWN.  Up till now I felt like I couldn't get out with just me and Jr. and I'd get overwhelming anxiety at the thought of it.  But practice makes perfect...hopefully.
2)  I've joined a mommy meetup group that will hopefully put me in contact with some mummy friends.  I've got my fingers crossed.
3)  I'm working out more and trying to get some endorphins going.
4)  I've cut myself some slack...mentally.  I used to put some pressure on myself to get everything done, not now!  Consequently, the house has gone to shit, but hey I ain't superwoman.

So yeah, that's the 411 on that.  Shoot me a message if you have any suggestions or if you've gone through this. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Warning! Gross Alert.

Once the hair on your legs gets to a certain length it will take at least an hour per leg to get it properly shaved.  Yes, I'm talking about mine...I could probably actually put little corn rows down my legs and hang little red and white beads off of them.  It was that bad!  On top of that my hot hubby wouldn't come within 2 ft of me for the stench!  eeeeewwwww!

If you can't tell from the aforementioned, being a new mom has not been easy.  It's been rough finding the time and energy and spunk that I once had.  Being ADD makes it even harder and nothing can be done without being interrupted with a feeding or diaper change or clothing change or medicine application etc.  

I've had a time of it adjusting to new mummydom, but realize that for the sake of sanity in our house I've got to put on a new attitude and try what I can to get back to real life.

Hopefully that means more blog posts soon!  

Previously Smelly but just out of the shower, Edamummy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend my little sisters (all 3) are coming into town for an after Christmas tradition I started with them last year.  I call it Sister Stocking.  We each pick a name from the 4 of us and then we have a 15 dollar limit to go and get whatever little gifts we can for that sister.  They are all 3 spending the night and we'll exchange gifts and hang out-maybe bake or watch a movie or just hang.  It should be fun!  Also this weekend-I'm taking my little sis to go get her hair cut and done here in town.  I've got some ideas picked out for her.  Should be fun!