What happens when (just two months after meeting) a Baptist preacher's son and small-town pastor's daughter surprisingly discover they've committed the ultimate faux pas? Now it's a journey of finding out what it is to love a little baby surprise and what to do about this new husband.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Got Furniture

I picked up these cute pieces at a little thrift store in the town I grew up in.  They have great detail, and with a little refinishing touch should turn out nicely.  One reason I really like them is because they are a bit smaller than normal baby furniture.  Jr.'s room is a bit tiny, so these are perfect.  It's time to call Yohan's dad and put him to work!  Don't worry Jr.!  They won't look so shabby and oddly Christmas-like after they're redone.

Monday, May 24, 2010


If you've decided that the single and ready to mingle life is no longer for you, try Inst-A-fam!!

Just add water, and instantly you'll transform from single to married with a baby on the way.

Also included:
One sweet amazing mother-in-law
One goofy caring father-in-law
Brother and Sister-in law + niece
One house
One boat
One perfect family dog

All this for the discounted price of just two bottles of red wine a night for 2 months, one tree worth of firewood, Marvin Gaye tunes and a couple steamy romps in the sac.

It's a Boy

Yohan and I went to the doctor today, and it went amazing.  We found out we're having a little baby BOY!!!! Our previous calculations were correct.  We'd been calling the little bean Jr. for a while now.  We were quite prepared to begin calling the bean June Bug had it been a gal, but alas, no need. 

When we went to the doctor and saw the ultrasound, Jr. was making little pucker faces the whole time.  If he's anything like his dad, I'm sure he's practicing to kiss the ladies.  What a darling boy.  I'm sure he'll use that pucker to kiss his mama too.

I'll also take this moment to brag, as the doctor said his brain was HUGE.  He's going to be super smart no doubt - just like his mummy and daddy.  You cannot imagine how excited I am for a boy!  I honestly wouldn't mind if all my kids were boys.  I've always loved being surrounded by handsome men, why stop now?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Official

I've got lots to say, but right now I'm gonna go canoodle the Mr..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Big M

Tomorrow I'm getting married to the hot Asian man whose baby I'm carrying.  I'm excited in a lot of ways, and grateful everything seems to be coming together.  Truth be told, I'd only known Yohan for about two months when we found out about Jr. and we'd yet to even say we were dating.  Neither he nor I are much into titles or labeling relationships, but one thing is for sure - I'm going to be committed to this family and to him for life. 

It was a big decision, to get married and have a family, but everything about Yohan and I feels right.  I'm excited about our possibilities and the potential that our life together holds.  Yohan told me he's gonna do 'Cubscouts' Honor' for our vows, and I told him I'd pinky promise them.  I think our committment to eachother is pretty clear.

We are very fortunate that our families are coming around.  We've decided to have the family come and share our wedding with us tomorrow, even though we were originally going to elope.  Their support means everything, even if they are still getting used to the whole idea of two new family members.  I suspect that they will eventually be as excited as Yohan and I are.

Cheers to us baby!

First Baby Gift

Dear Melanie,

Thanks for my new elephant to hang in my room.  It has really fun colors and patterns.  I'm not sure what to name it yet, but maybe you can help me.  I can't wait till we get to play together. 

Love,  Baby

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helooooo Baby!

Remember the previous post about that new bikini I bought?  I did a little photo shoot for my one and only while on the boat this weekend.  It's important for me to still feel sexy, even while being prego.  I'm getting a bit of a bigger rump since this whole pregnancy thing, but Yohan doesn't seem to mind.  Today he told me he'd like to put some butter on it and eat it up.  He's so silly. 

Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm not sure if I'll get to buy shoes for a boy or girl, but either way I'm so super exited!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I obsessed for about 20 minutes this evening trying to find an application on line to see what our future baby will look like.  It took another 20 minutes to upload the picture and do all the diddlies to make it work.  Here is what our child is forcasted to look like:

 I've learned a couple of lessons here.  One, this app. sucks.  Two, you can't predict what your kid will look like.  Three, our kid would look really bad if it was up to someone other than me to make it.  Right now I'm glad I'm the one baking our bean and not some application.  P.S. Please feel free to laugh out loud.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lock Jaw

Yes, this is in fact a onesie with a cheeseburger on it.  I think it's so cute, but probably because I'm currently having a love affair with food.  I've also been getting lock jaw every time I eat.  I'm not sure if this is normal for being prego, but I've never had lock jaw before.  I think it's my brain telling me to 'stop eating and step away from the double cheeseburger'.  Well, a little lock jaw ain't gonna stop me honey, so you better come up with something better!

Voicemail Box Empty

This evening my dad called while Yohan and I were away.  He didn't leave a voice mail, so I don't think I'll call him back.  I do really want to see what is going on on my parents side of the battlefield, but right now do not have energy for an argument. 

I imagine they must still be trying to process all of this new news.  Even Yohan and I took our time absorbing what was happening.  When we first found out about the bean, we called him an alien.  We kept saying, "I can't believe we're having an alien."  I'm not sure exactly how long before we were able to say the "B" word - baby.  But now I say it just fine:  baby, baby, baby.

I was so excited about the baby today that when we went to visit Yohan's parents, his mother and I ended up jumping up and down while holding hands and squealing.  Then Yohan's father was so cute, as he was concerned we were jumping up and down too much.  Hope we didn't disturb little Jr.  We were just thrilled!

Hey Dad!

(My baby's daddy)

Thursday morning Yohan got to feel Jr. moving for the first time!  It was really exciting.  He wrote me an email:

"So this morning you walked into my office while I was working after you got out of the shower robed only with a towel and asked me to put my hand on your belly. You pressed onto my hand and then rubbed in a circular motion and I felt Jr for the first time! Felt him move 3 separate times! How fawking cool! Amazing that lil Jr is growing and sleeping in your belly! Probably arose him from his nap..."

Yohan also gave Jr. his first daddy/baby talk:

"Jr! you listen here now, you better be good to your momma while you're in there, or I'll give you an ass whooping when you get out!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts & Reactions

Just as my gal pal, Melanie, told me - people react to surprises in different ways.  This was certainly true of the big baby surprise Yohan and I dropped on our parents today. 

I have many mixed feelings about their reactions.  It was hard to gage which parental unit was going to be the most upset, as how can you expect any preacher and his wife to react well to such startling news.  To our surprise, Yohan's parents called almost immediately to tell him they loved us and were sending us congratulations on our wedding and new baby.  They offered to help us in any way they could.  Yohan and I were absolutely blow away with their response, as they've always been strict and heavy-handed.  An entire 3+ hours after we were still unable to understand their reaction.  I think Yohan's head would've promptly combusted if he didn't know I definitely needed it intact.

My parents did not react the way I had hoped.  I hoped they would call me and tell me that even though it wasn't the way it should be they were so excited about the little grandkid and happy I was marrying such a great man (cause he is).  Well, that is not what happened.  I think we are not on speaking terms right now.  I have only two big things to dwell on here.

The first concern of mine is Jr.  I'm worried that all this trouble might lead him to think he's not wanted.  This isn't the first time he wasn't welcomed with open arms, as truth be told, Yohan wasn't too sure about having a baby either.  I remember furiously telepathically transmitting to Jr., "I want you.  I definitely want you, and don't you worry, because I'm fully capable.  I'll take care of you even if I'm not sure how."  At that moment I was alone, with only Jr., but I was so sure that things would work out because I was determined they would.  

Another truth be told, and I hate to say it, but abortion crossed my mind.  I know I couldn't have done it, but it still feels horrible to have even thought of it.  And now the grandparents are having trouble with the news.  It's hard to handle, I know, but I was hoping they would react differently.  I do think they will come around.  I just don't know how long.  That's pretty hard.

The second thing that fills my head are complicated thoughts on Christians and church.  My parents are very diligent and sincere Christians, but it seems that Christianity doesn't really work in real life.  My parents reaction prompted the following email to my mom:

What a perfect real-life opportunity to show love and forgiveness like Jesus, and you're totally missing it.  A clear example of why I do not prefer you churchy types - because you're so eager and quick to preach it, but you don't have any clue how to practice it.

Some of you may respond thinking:  It's just hard, and they are in shock and they will forgive you.  But I say bologna.  If you can't show forgiveness and Christ-likeness to someone you already love, how can I believe you're genuinely forgiving and loving those harder to love - those despised by society, those who kill, those who abuse, those who hate.

I've grown up in church around many of the same cookie cutter (even those who claim to be different) Christians.  What sticks out to me among all those people is how quick they are to gossip, throw stones, and judge.  Acts of genuine Christ-likeness can probably be counted on my two hands.  

I have received kind and loving support from a few Christians.  So, Corrie, thanks for your support and prayers.  Melody, thanks for being a great sister, and you will be an amazingly loved auntie.

To all my other friends as well, I would be such a mess without your kindness.  I'm so glad to share my excitement with you, and Jr. is certainly grateful too.  We are lucky, because good friends are few and far between!

Wanna Win Something?

It's just over a week till Yohan and I find out what sex the little bean is.  We are beyond excited, and get more excited by the day.  I don't think we have a preference, boy or girl, because there is so much fun to be had with either. 

I'd love to see what you think Jr.'s going to be.  If you turn out to be correct, I'll send you a gift in the mail!  Whooooo hoooooo!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name, address, and what you think Jr. will be.

I hope you reply, and feel free to invite your friends or family to play our little game!!!   ~Eda-Mummy

Picture borrowed from Haskard Films

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mother's Day

In case you were wondering what I did for Mother's Day. 
And don't be jealous of my outfit!

Playing Eda-Mummy

Here I am playing Eda-Mummy with Yohan's niece, Myra.

Dear Mom and Dad

Yesterday Yohan and I walked a quarter mile to his mailbox to drop our special letters.  I wrote one to my mom and dad and he wrote one to his.  We're both quite nervous about what their reaction will be to the news of a grandbaby - especially since we're still not yet married (next Thurday!).  Even still, I feel like a big weight has been lifted off of me.  Ahhhhhhh, yes.  That feels good.  Sometimes Yohan and I even laugh about how it might go after they find out:

Scenario 1:
My parents are lying in bed the evening after reading the letter.
Sweet Nancy (mom) "Geeerrry?"
Dad  "What?"
Sweet Nancy  "You don't think this happened because we were too strick on the kids growing up do you?"

Scenario 2: (I even played this one out for Yohan this morning while doing my hair in the bathroom.)
Sweet Nancy calls me up to tell me how disappointed and concerned they are.
Me  "Well it's not too late to GET RID OF IT!  And if that's how you want to be, then that's what we'll do!!!" 
Sweet Nancy will frantically call me back appologizing. 
**Please note here, that we would NEVER EVER consider that option for real.  This is merely a way to make them squirm and cry for calling us up and worrying us.  Oh so cruel!**

Either way, no matter what their reaction Yohan and I know that things will ultimately work out.  Being from conservative Christian homes as we are, they will be forgiving and supportive - even if it takes a little time.  And who can really be upset about a little cute half-Asian baby?  So, Nana and Puba, get ready!  'Cause Jr.'s coming, like it or not.  We personally think you'll like it.  I love you mom and dad. Hope you're ready for what's coming.

P.S.  May I please point out that my mom told me at least 3 years ago what she wanted to be called when she had grandkids!  The lady must be dying inside for grandkids by now.  And if she even tries to act upset, I'll promptly point out the obvious.


This here is Hootie.  He is mine and Yohan's first project for Jr.'s room.  We found this cute little book stand at a thrift store .  It was a crappy wood color when we bought it, but we painted it yellow, added a little cute owl, and now it will hold Jr.'s favorite book - whichever one he chooses.  I love it!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belly Footprints

Sometimes I don't like this whole being prego thing.  Ok, who am I kidding?  There's a whole lot of times I don't like this prego thing.  Everyone keeps talking about a glow I'm supposed to have, but the only difference in my appearance I've noticed is horribly awful skin.  If anyone knows where I can purchase this 'glow' please let me know. 

My belly has been poking out too, and Yohan told me it was probably just bloating and when I woke up in the morning it would've gone down.  However, the ladies at the doc confirmed that it is NOT bloating.  I'm still convinced some of it is bloating since I drink about a tub-full of water a night.  And have I mentioned that I can't get full these days, no matter how often I eat.

Poor little bean - I hope he doesn't think I'm not excited about him.  I just wish I could mix up a batter throw it in the oven in the kitchen (instead of my oven) for 9 months and bake a little baby that way.  I complained to Yohan the other night as I was sitting on the toilet for the 12th time in an hour about how I wish he could have the bad skin while I was prego.  He offered to rub Crisco on his face for me, but then I'd just be stressed because we both had bad skin.

I found out something today however, that is exciting.  Apparently, I may be able to see Jr.'s foot or hand or butt when he pushes up against my belly.  What a fun thing to see!  Yohan says I will start to get more excited about being prego when I get fatter - I hope so, or someone will have to pay!

This photo is definitely exaggerated, and it will be nothing close to that defined - but still!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Back From The Doc

I'm back from the doc and unfortunately all they did was take my blood...AGAIN!  I'm sure they get some sick form of entertainment from watching me almost cry at getting my arm stuck.  However, aside from the fact that I despise getting that done (and I think the phlebotomist moves the needle around for fun) it's important to note that I absolutely love our doctors office. 

I usually hate hate hate going to the doctor, but the ladies at our doctors office are fun and extremely helpful.  They've given me extra pre-natal vitamins that I like, which is nice because Yohan used to have to hear me whine every time I took one of those damned horse size pills.  I swear, I'd rather take that thing up the you-know-what than have to swallow it night after night. 

Anywho, to sum it up we find out the sex of our bean just two weeks from today!  I can't wait, and it will be the Monday after we come back from running off and eloping!  If you've got any more questions, just ask me.

Doc Visit

I have a doctor's visit today at 11:45am.  I'm hoping to get some video of the ultrasound to share with everyone.  Last time we saw Jr. just kicking and flailing about when the specialist woke him from napping.  I'm excited!  I've got to run, since it's already 11am and I've not even showered.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy mother's day to all you lovely mom's who are reading.  Hope you have a fun and happy day with all your chickens gathered 'round.  And to my mom,  I love you and think you've done a wonderful job raising five great kids!


This morning at about 8:15am I turned to Yohan and said, "You ain't getting no poo-nanny till I get a sandwich."  Aaaahahaha!  This is really funny since he really hasn't been getting no poo-nanny much anyway these days----especially not at 8:15am.

In his halfway hungover state he laughed, and I did too.  I'm not sure if I just really wanted that bagel sandwich or if I was half way horny.  Either way, I'm sitting in the kitchen now waiting for that bagel sandwich at 8:38am.

I think it's important to note a couple of things about being prego.  First, even if you're the horniest girl out there, hormones take over.  Most often the last thing on your mind is getting frisky.  There are far too many other important things to think about - baby names, baby room decoration, baby showers, baby EVERYTHING!  Secondly, even if you do think about sex and you're with a super hot sexy Asian-man your body doesn't get in the mood easily.  Lastly, if I do make it to the point of giving up the 'poo-nanny'  I can't concentrate on it like I used to.  This usually means my attention span for sexy sexy is about less than 10 minutes tops.  Poor Yohan is suffering now, but I find myself (even if enjoying the romp) hoping he won't take too too long to - well, you know.

With that said, Yo did get the poo-nanny before I'm getting my bagel sandwich, even if it was a quickie.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Are you comfy in there? Cause I'm not so comfy out here.

Dear Jr.,

I've been having a super super hard time sleeping.  I've never had this problem before.  Usually, I can sleep through anything, on anything and anywhere.  I blame Yohan's bed.  Yes, I know he paid over 2K for the mattress, and supposedly it is the best!  I hate it, it sags in the middle, and Yohan doesn't seem to have any problem with it.  I am also tired of peeing.  It happens without fail - Every night I pee right before I get in bed.  But, right after I get in bed and pull up the covers I have to automatically pee again.

Are you comfy in there?  Cause I'm not so comfy out here.  Does your water sac sag in the middle and make your neck hurt like mine?  Are you tossing and turning in your amniotic fluid cursing at that damn sac.  Are you wondering why people keep waking you up from your cozy nap to push you and see if you move around? 

Since I'll probably never get an answer out of you, I'll assume you're comfy in there.  At least I know one of us is getting some rest.  Please note however, I'm brainstorming possible ways to get back at you when you're a teenager.


16 Weeks

This is me at 4 months in!! To the right is that wonderful son of a preacher man just grinning away at his own personal science project.  Althought sometimes I FREAK OUT!!! about the belly/bloating I'm getting, I'm learning to be very proud of it.  I also just bought a wonderful vintage looking bikini which will be so great for baring my big fat round pea.  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ground Hugger

When I found out, to my surprise, I was pregnant I promptly broke down.  It started with me feeling a big huge cry coming on.  Not just a couple of tears, but the sobbing that makes your stomach jump and you feel you can hardly breathe.  Next, I quickly fell to the floor where I laid flat on my back, feet and arms spread out like I was about to start making a snow angel on my cold hard wood floor.  I laid there engulfed in my bubble of confusion, sorrow and sobbing for as long as it took for me to feel I had cleared my head.

I'm not exactly sure why, but there is something cleansing about being on the ground out in the open and able to cry with all openness.  Last night it happened again.  I had tried on my wedding gown for my friend Melanie, and was feeling awfully depressed.  I love my friends and cherish them deeply, but there are some emotions only a mother can share with her daughter-especially when it comes to her wedding day.  I can't express how deeply sad and lonely it is sometimes not being able to shop for my dress with my mom, pick out honeymoon spots, talk in whispers about the boy I'll marry who's in the other room and everything else that we should share.

It built up tremendously last Sunday at my sister's birthday party, when we also announced (quite oddly may I add) our engagement.  It was odd because I knew we wouldn't be able to share all the wedding fun with them, so it was hard to show my excitement in their presence.  As I followed mom into her room that afternoon she began telling me how she was so excited to plan our engagement party.  "I'm thinking sometime in June or July, but August would even work," she said.  In my head I knew that would not be happening.  Yohan and I were getting married in just over two weeks and by June I'd be round as a rolly-polly thanks to my little bambino who is growing quickly.

So, yesterday I cried.  No!  I actually sobbed in Yohan's kitchen where I quickly fell to the floor as soon as I felt the first tear.  I laid there with my arms and legs spread out like I was going to make snow angels and cried and cried.  The floor wasn't cold enough this time, but it's probably just these prego sweats I get so often.  I mourned quite well how much I missed being able to share with the family all my excitement for the two biggest events in one's life - marriage and children.  I think I'm still in mourning today too.