What happens when (just two months after meeting) a Baptist preacher's son and small-town pastor's daughter surprisingly discover they've committed the ultimate faux pas? Now it's a journey of finding out what it is to love a little baby surprise and what to do about this new husband.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take it up the WHAT?

I can be a bit dramatic when it comes to all things doctor/medical.  I can't really explain it, since I absolutely love going to the dentist.  Yesterday I had to go into the doctor once again to see how Jr. is progressing.  I'm not sure if it was the anxiety, or just general moodiness of being prego, but I wasn't in a great place.  I had to laugh, however, at my slightly awkward conversation with Andi, who works with our Dr's office.  Andi was grabbing me some more prenatal vitamins.  Prenatal vitamins are like horse pills, if you're not familiar.  And on top of that they leave me feeling like poo for about an hour or so.  So I said to Andi, "I told Yohan that I'd rather take it up the 'you know what' than have to take these everyday. 

What I was trying to explain was it would be easier to stick the pill up there.  I realized, however awkwardly, that it sounded like I'd prefer having Yohan do me up the butt everyday than take a prenatal vitamin.  NOT THE CASE! 

Either way, if the gals in the office didn't already think me and Yohan were freaks, they do now.  Thank God I didn't cry when they took my blood, cause then my dignity would've been all gone.  

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

23 Weeks

You'll notice I still pass the feet check, but the bump is definitely getting bigger.  I can't believe Jr. is still going to grow like 7 to 8 times what he weighs now.

Where is Jr.?

You may be wondering what Jr is doing these days.  Right now he's about 1 lb. and 11 inches long.  He's pretty big and is able to hear now.  Jr. is getting really good at giving me kicks these days, and it seems he wakes up about 5-6 times a day to let me know he's still in there.  Pregnancy has been getting more fun lately since the relationship feels two-sided now.  Before I could actually feel him I would often wonder if somehow the docs got it wrong and I was just incredibly bloated and sickly.  Now I'm sure I'm pregnant.  Can't deny it now---Jr. just gave me a confirming kick too.  He must not've liked that last line.  My girlfriend Melanie felt Jr. kick the other day.  I wonder what she thought.  And I tried to get Jr. to kick me for Yohan's mom, but he just wouldn't do it.  I told her Jr. didn't want to kick his grandma, and she agreed.  If you'd like to read more, click HERE.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Andy Griffin Fishin

Yohan made fun of me said I look like I need a sac on the end of my pole, but I thought I looked cool.  Ol' prego off to do some fishin, and fishin I did!

I caught Mr. Flounder right off the bat.

This little guy was less impressive.


Reading smut and hanging with the hubbs.

This weekend the hubbs and I got away for a mini, 1.5 day vacation which was desperately needed.  The hubby's extremely demanding job had him working 14+ hour days and working entire weekends for a few weeks.  That, plus my breakdowns over having limited wardrobe choices and general prego stress left us in a bit of a rut.  But we were super excited about heading to the beach, and our mini-vaca was everything we needed - some sun, some fishing, some kissing, some good food, and a whole lotta fun together.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prego Fashion

I'm having trouble these days finding outfits to wear.  Luckily, I was able to put a few things together for work this past week.  Casual is always easier though, as most of my tees and tanks are super stretchy - Thank God for spandex!

Monday, June 21, 2010


This was not my day!  Someone farted a big stinky fart right before I got on the elevator and I had to ride in it's filth all the way up to my floor.  Work was poo too.  Then at 5:40pm I had an emergency pee and ran out to go to the bathroom.  Of course, everyone else had already left and so graciously locked the doors for me!  I was locked out for like 15 mins in a proper held back panic.  I was saved by the security guy after I rode looking for him to every floor.  It only took two full runs, and a nice man offered me a ride somewhere.  Whew!  Glad Monday is done.  Be home soon Yohan!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family Hopping on the Gravy Train

I wasn't sure what the exact feelings of our families were towards our situation at this point.  Dad isn't a man of many words or facial expressions, and there is much left to be wanted when you're looking for affirmation.  Mom, on the other hand, tells you exactly what she is thinking plus some just in case you didn't get it the first time.  What Yohan and I had gathered from her was she was concerned we didn't understand the severe gravity of the decisions we'd made and entered into. 

But Yo and I are different.  I would've had no problem at all raising a little boy on my own.  Maybe I should re-phrase that.  I'm sure I would've had a lot of problems, but I'm just hard-headed and determined enough that I would've made it work had I decided to not marry Yohan.  Honestly, I never before really wanted to get married.  It didn't make sense to me and conceptually just brought on feelings of entrapment and legalized voluntary jail time for every party involved.  Take into account the divorce rate + my sense to be a realist instead of an idealist, and you have yourself an equation for something that didn't add up.  I was never before willing to lay my cards of fun and freedom down with odds like that.  Plus the fact, that I know marriage isn't for the weak minded - it's a lot of work and dedication, and quite frankly, ballsiness

Initially I'd say my decision to marry Yohan was a decision of reason.   
~I had a ton of fun in his company.
~Biologically we'd probably have a beautiful and smart family.
~Yohan didn't get on my nerves, even after spending buku amounts of time with him.
~We laugh a lot together.
~He had spunk and a sense of adventure, so I was sure to not get bored.
I could go on and on about the reasons, but really I can't fully explain why all of the sudden I had ABSOLUTELY NO QUALMS about marrying a man I barely knew, and most certainly could not say I loved at the time. 

I understand how that may be hard for many people to understand and fathom, but for some reason it just worked. Our marriage is going to be a long journey slowly discovering what it is about the other that enabled us to make that big commitment.  I like that I haven't know Yohan for long.  I like that I'll get to slowly unwrap his layers with the fresh new eyes of a bride who will slowly and surely be in love for years to come.  I like that even I have trouble grasping it sometimes, because that's what makes it a little magical.

It's hard for people to understand, especially when the norm is love then marriage.  And that's why I'm sure it was hard for my parents to jump onto our partying bandwagon of a surprisingly happy new family without concerns. As of recently, I think they want to join our odd show though.  Dad played horseshoes against Yohan and I, and I think he even cracked a couple of smiles.  Mom told me she bought a grandmother's journal where I'm sure she'll keep track of all the awesome things she'll do with their first grand baby.  So, surprisingly, the Gravy Train is rolling, and the party is just starting to get fun. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

On Marriage

Kahlil Gibran

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.
Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.

written in one of my favorite books,
for my husband

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jr. Practice

This past weekend I got a little glimpse into what it will be like once Jr. arrives.  Visiting our friends, the Grangers, on Sunday is probably the first time I've seen an infant since learning I was pregnant.  I found that being pregnant gave me totally new eyes with which to see.  It was fun witnessing the dynamics of the Grangers - Mike held little baby Lincon with one arm trying to get his bottle ready and Cassandra scurried around the kitchen.

The more time goes by, the more excited I get thinking about what it will be like to have our own little bundle of the two of us mixed together.  I am unable to come up with words to describe how I think it will be when I actually get to hold him for the first time, but even more than that I can't wait for Yohan to hold our little baby.  I wonder sometimes what it's like for him to see me walking around knowing that it's not just me, but also a piece of him I'm carrying. 

I feel more connected to our little bun in the cooker lately, as he's been giving me good little man kicks throughout the day.  And I bought him a wonderful pair of brown leather shoes for him to eventually wear.  We can't wait to meet you Jr!
Love, Edamummy

21 Weeks

Here's your little Edamummy to be Jr!  Looking pretty good for 21 weeks.  Still managing to look sassy in her work skirt, and she's also passed the infamous 'Can I still see my feet?' test.  Yippeeeee.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Cookout

Saturday we hosted our first family get together since being married.  Both moms were worried it would be too much work, but Yohan mastered the grill and everyone brought side dishes.  It wasn't much work at all.  Of course, I labored long and hard over making some instant lemonade, but it was worth it.  We played horseshoes, ate hamburgers and Korean ribs, and had a generally dapper time.  Yohan says (and I agree)  that I'm not allowed to host any more get togethers for 2 weeks.  Getting the house semi-put-together after moving, and with all the events of the last two weeks, we're left needing some refreshment.  This coming weekend has us joyously banished to our own house.  Maybe we won't even come out of our room.  Haha, just kidding.  It's probably more likely that we wont leave the kitchen since, as of late, FOOD IS NUMBER ONE~~FOOD IS NUMBER ONE!

After eating, we sat my parents down to open their surprise.  We bought a couple little baby-boy themed gifts for them, and they opened their card to read that their first grandkid is a baby BOY!  Dad said he already knew, and then he told us how he guessed what me and my four siblings were before they found out for sure themselves.  I'm not sure I believe it 100%, but I let him get away with it anyway.  It seems that the parents are coming around. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm trying to cook more at home to be a bit healthier and also save some mulah.  It's challenging sometimes, but usually it's fun to try new recipes and share a nice meal at home with my hubby.  By the way, I'm still not used to the word 'husband', so I try to use it and freak myself out sometimes.  I'm not sure if marriage is supposed to feel different, but it doesn't really for me...weird!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Pregnancy Road Rage

Preganacy does lead to dangerous levels of road rage.  One mother on Yahoo said, "Just curious has anyone had increased symptoms of road rage while pregnant? I have noticed the father along I get the less patience I have while driving. I curse like a sailor while in the car now and it takes all of my self control not to ram into people who piss me off just to teach them a lesson."

These are all the tips I have for now, but if you have any suggestions or additional tips please leave them, as the road rage is getting worse. 

*  If someone is following too close, spray your windshield wiper fluid onto their windshield.

*  If someone pisses you off, give them the bird.  If you have tinted windows, make sure to roll down the window and give the bird outside the car to make sure they didn't miss it.

Asian Caucasian

How This Happened

Yohan is the first Asian-man I've ever been with.  To be honest, I never really was into Asians.  I wasn't against them, I just didn't really notice them - probably because they are typically below my line of vision.  But I am not lying when I say that Yohan is one sexy mo fo.  So if you've been wondering 'how does one get prego after dating only two months'...refer to the photo for clarification.  I ravaged that boy, and vice versa many many nights in front of his fireplace in the winter months.  We drank about two bottles of wine a night and would stay up late listening to music and enjoying eachother's company.  The news of Jr. was more than a surprise to both of us, as I was on birthcontrol. 

When we noticed that Little Red Riding Hood didn't come to visit as planned I took a preganancy test, and it came back negative.  When about two weeks later there still was no sign of the usually unwelcome visitor, I took another one to the same conclusion.  Our surprise following that visit to the doctor, where I entered thinking I had a sinus infection and left with a baby blooming, has turned from a thing of uncertainty to something we are both excited for.  Our excitement grows with each day I think, as now I'm beginning to grow faster and faster. 

One thing that I've been noting here lately is how beautiful most Asian-Caucasian children are.  I get so excited thinking how handsome and beautiful our little Jr. is going to be (assuming nothing goes completely awry).  I've been stalking a cute and fun blog at http://www.sweetfineday.com/ written by the mother of two gorgeous half Korean, half American girls.  I'm continually looking at peoples' kids and thinking how much cuter our Jr. is going to be - I know!  It's a little crazy, and every little child is special and beautiful.  I can't help thinking Jr. will be extra special and beautiful....and so begins the motherly craziness!  Yes!!!

Baby Boy Shoes

I'm in love with old leather baby boy booties.  Yohan's mom gave me a pair that were his when he was a baby and they are adorable.  I'd like to get some special ones for our little boy too.  I've found some I like, but haven't decided which one's I like the best yet.  Any ideas?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Losing It

I fear that pregnancy has caused me to lose all sense of decency and lady-likeness.  I've always been a bit of a tomboy, but mom always taught me to have lady-like manners - especially around men.  Lately, however, I'm losing it.  I burp, fart, snore and all other manners of bad womanly behavior. 

It's particularly abhorrent to me, especially as a new bride.  If I'd managed to do this whole love and marriage and babies thing in the correct order, you betcha I'd be sure to wear my best new-wife shoes.  As life has it, this is not the case and I find myself, sometimes accidentally and sometimes not, doing and acting in ways that leave me aghast.  I can only imagine how my new husband feels. 

I've managed, within a week of being married, to fart on him, go to the bathroom (#2) while he was right there beside me, and burp louder than I've ever heard him burp.  I think it should probably correctly be classified as a belch.  Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've even ever heard him burp.  Oh God!  This is worse than I thought.

This past weekend, I managed to embarrass myself (which was also cause for great laughter) as I had to pee horribly while out on the boat.  Since the water was cold, and his boat just happens to have no ladder, Yohan ended up holding me over the side of the boat as I tried to also grab on and pee without touching the water.  This was taken to difficulty level #5 since I believe I'm bigger than he is these days.  Refer to picture:

I do wish I was able to properly do all the things that a good wife would do - cook properly balanced meals for dinner, clean the house, prune the bushes and flowers and dote on my husband.  But for now we're making it work with a more modified version, a newer more modern version, a version that is also working on making a baby unexpectedly.  So until this little Jr. graces us with his presence our home life will consist of Yohan cleaning the bathrooms while I make delicious chocolaty cupcakes to satisfy my craving.  The laundry will remain all over the house and I'll do what I can when I can to little by little get it all done.  Too bad Jr. won't be coming out fully functional - then I'd never have to clean the bathrooms again.  I can honestly say now to all the moms' whose hair has been disheveled, make-up not quite done or who sport a messy house - I FEEL YA!
Love, Edamummy

Cost of a Baby

I'm almost positive that having a baby is going to more than double the amount of bills, groceries, clothing, and all other items that take away from my fun fund.  However, I'm hoping to be strategic about everything and keep cost as low as possible.  I did, in-fact, manage to keep mine and the hubby's wedding weekend an un-godly cheap affair.  And I don't think we missed out on anything.  Total cost was probably less than what many people spend on flowers.

Dress:                          $130 (including shipping)
Veil                             $10  (I made it)
Gloves                         $0  (Yohan's mother's from her wedding)
Tailor:                          $ 80
Yohan's tux                 $ 160
Rings (mine and his)     $ 2030
Photographer               $575
B&B including 3 nights
in a four room suite,
couples massages,
champagne, roses,
chocolates, etc. and
set up and
hosting of wedding      $1250
Bouquet                      $ paid for by parents
Reception dinner         $ paid for by parents

TOTAL                     $4,235

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

19 Weeks