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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Susie Homemaker

Last Christmas I asked for a sewing machine.  My mother used to do a lot of sewing and still does to this day.  I was pretty intimidated to take it out and start using it.  My mom is always asking if I've used my sewing machine yet...I even had Yohan take it out one time and set it up to look like I'd been practicing.  Well, I've finally made it over that hill.  Last weekend I took it out, went to Hancock Fabrics with Umma and picked out material for a bed skirt for mine and Yohan's bed. 

Umma is so good at sewing and even went to university for design.  She is helping me make the bed skirt and also helped me hem a skirt I bought at the thrift store.  I have to be firm with her, as she's inclined to do everything herself---she is way faster and more precise than I am.  But I'm determined to learn! 

PS.  My stitches were not straight on the bed skirt and she pulled them out and redid them.  I'm trying hard though, and maybe the next project I'll attempt alone.  No doubt it may look as if a kindergartner did it.

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