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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prego Fashion

On this particular day, I was trying to find a shirt long enough to cover that awful spandex maternity half circle that shows up on pretty much every pair of maternity bottoms.  I was having trouble finding a shirt that I liked, so I said, "Screw it!  I'm flaunting this prego spandexy half circle thing."  I think it worked pretty well.

I love my new rain boots.  I bought them the day after our wedding.  It hasn't been raining much, but as soon as it did, I took the opportunity to wear the boots.  I actually wore them to work, which is probably a big BIG fashion no-no.  But people are scared to make pregos angry, so no one said anything.

The materials of both the skirt and shirt here are very soft and stretchy.  Very appealing aspects for me these days.  This isn't my absolutely favorite outfit, but it does make me look pretty grown up.  PS.  I'm getting some booty!

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