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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Diaper Bag Help!

Please help and give me some advice if you're reading.  I'm at a crux:  I'm looking for the best diaper bag for us and can't decide.  I've recently been interested in getting a diaper backpack like this one.

My concerns with a regular diaper shoulder or hand bag is that it may not be large enough to carry comfortably all the items baby needs.  My other thought is if I'm carrying baby on one hip will I want a bag slung over my shoulder, or would a backpack style be more effective?  On the other hand, is a diaper backpack going to be much too large and unnecessary for practical day to day use.  Please please give me all your wise input, oh experienced mothers.  Thanks!


  1. I Love the backpack Idea. The Petunia Pickle Bottom is a diaper bag I wish I had gotten because it's cute and it coverts to a backpack or hand bag. Also The skiphop is a good one too. it has stroler clip which may come in handy because you won't have to take off your bag everytime you need something.

    I can't really give too much advice because I ended up using my purse as a diaper bag (even though I have one) because I have a diaper pod etc.

  2. Li,
    I LOVE a backpack...I bought a Vera Bradley backpack and used it as a diaper bag with my last two babies. I did not get the one that they specifically reccomend for a diaper bag..I got the biggest backpack they had!!I am not sure that Your handsome hubby will like carrying around a girly backpack though.. I also wanted to say that I bought a really cute wristlet for my phone/money and credit cards/keys...so that if I wanted to run into a store without my HUGE diaper bag I could..and I got a cute stylish one so I felt like I had a little piece of me left:)....anyway..I hope this helped..also let me know if u decide on a Vera Bradley one because I can get it for you on post for a little cheaper!..MUAH!!-Corrie

  3. This is a new one that is relatively unknown, but up and coming. It's a Canadian brand and they've really thought of everything - including converting to a backpack. Totally unisex and really cool. I love mine and have gotten tons of compliments on it.

  4. We had/have a traditional diaper bag with both kids. I never tried the backpack. I would say that having any kind of diaper bag that does not stand by itself is a problem..or at least it was for us. I think no matter what diaper bags tend to be bulky, but you have to find one large enough to fit the essentals and they need to be easy access.

  5. My mom said she had a small diaper bag that she carried around and a large one in the car that she used to replenish the small one. She did this so the diaper bag wouldnt get heavy and she had plenty in the car for emergencies.