What happens when (just two months after meeting) a Baptist preacher's son and small-town pastor's daughter surprisingly discover they've committed the ultimate faux pas? Now it's a journey of finding out what it is to love a little baby surprise and what to do about this new husband.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Delivery Discussions

I've realized there is such a thing as assumed knowledge.  Things you assume you know till you actively need to utilize that particular knowledge, and at which time you realize that what you'd assumed you knew you actually didn't know.  One such assumption--'water breaking'.  

I figured it was something obvious and that I'd know as soon as it happened, with no second guessing, when Jr's water breaks.  But...when we asked the midwife the other day she said it was actually kind of like peeing in your pants.  The midwife informed us that often women will rush to the hospital frantic that their water has broken and ready for delivery--suitcase and nervous wreck hubby and all--only to be sent home because her 'water breaking' was actually just her peeing her pants.

What me and Yo have decided is that we better do a precautionary 'pee sniff check' just to be sure I don't get sent home for rushing to the hospital because I peed my pants.  DEPENDS PLEASE!!!!!

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