What happens when (just two months after meeting) a Baptist preacher's son and small-town pastor's daughter surprisingly discover they've committed the ultimate faux pas? Now it's a journey of finding out what it is to love a little baby surprise and what to do about this new husband.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jr. Practice

This past weekend I got a little glimpse into what it will be like once Jr. arrives.  Visiting our friends, the Grangers, on Sunday is probably the first time I've seen an infant since learning I was pregnant.  I found that being pregnant gave me totally new eyes with which to see.  It was fun witnessing the dynamics of the Grangers - Mike held little baby Lincon with one arm trying to get his bottle ready and Cassandra scurried around the kitchen.

The more time goes by, the more excited I get thinking about what it will be like to have our own little bundle of the two of us mixed together.  I am unable to come up with words to describe how I think it will be when I actually get to hold him for the first time, but even more than that I can't wait for Yohan to hold our little baby.  I wonder sometimes what it's like for him to see me walking around knowing that it's not just me, but also a piece of him I'm carrying. 

I feel more connected to our little bun in the cooker lately, as he's been giving me good little man kicks throughout the day.  And I bought him a wonderful pair of brown leather shoes for him to eventually wear.  We can't wait to meet you Jr!
Love, Edamummy

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  1. We had a GREAT time having you all out. Thanks for making the trip and eating any possible leftovers..hehe. We can't wait to come and see your place soon. I saw it right after Yohan bought it, so I'm sure a good amount has changed. Keep an eye out that we don't attack Ninja Style...I'm such a dork!